Your 2019 Tour Staff
Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced storm chasers from around the world. We understand meteorology and concentrate on good forecasting techniques to intercept severe weather and ensure a successful storm chase on every tour.
Todd Thorn - Tour Leader/Severe Storm Expert - Bozeman, Montana - I will be on all tours.

Todd ThornI have been fascinated by severe storms and tornadoes since I was just six years old, and as a result, I began studying severe weather at a very early age. Over the years, I read every textbook on the subject and spent many days watching severe storms form over my hometown. My nights were spent watching vivid lightning from my bedroom window as the sound of thunder shook the house. To be a storm chaser, you must be able to read the sky and see visual clues for severe weather, such as the meaning of distant towering cumulus clouds. All the schooling and onboard information is good, but it takes years to learn how to read the sky and tell where the next storm will form. I have been chasing severe weather since 1991 and have a background in meteorology. In 2019 we will be operating our 22nd year of Storm Chasing Adventure Tours. We have been featured in numerous television documentaries, news programs, and in more than 200 newspaper and magazine articles published around the world. Since I founded Storm Chasing Adventure Tours in 1997, our emphasis has been on good forecasting techniques to intercept severe weather for a successful storm chase on every tour. I look forward to seeing you in Tornado Alley during 2019.

Gary Abernathy - Guide/Driver for TBA

Gary AbernathyI'm Gary Abernathy. I'm a flight test engineer working for the U.S. Air Force near Dayton OH, This will be my fifth year with Todd. When I enlisted in the Air Force, I was sent to weather school. I spent nine years working in the weather career field in the Air Force. I learned to appreciate all aspects of weather, especially to respect the power of severe weather. My love of weather drove me to acquire a master's degree in geophysics. Other hobbies include collecting vinyl records and hunting fossils, minerals, and rocks.

Alan Coppel - Guide/Driver for TBA

Alan CoppelHi, I'm Alan from Orange County, California, and I'm excited to be chasing again this year with Todd as I have nearly every year since 2002. I've been a weather junkie all my life, but being a native Californian I've always lived in the absolute worst place for it. I can remember as a child staying up all night in hopes of just catching a flash of lightning or a rumble of thunder from our infrequent thunderstorms. That's why I look forward year-round to when spring rolls around so I can once again witness the awesome spectacle of some of the world's most severe weather in the Great Plains. I'm currently taking a long break from work life and doing a lot of international travel while concentrating on two of my favorite hobbies: scuba diving and underwater photography.

Cindy Dewees - Guide/Driver for TBA

Cindy Dewees
Hello, I’m Cindy, and 2019 will be my 7th year chasing with Todd.  I have always lived in Southern California where we don’t get any exciting weather, at least nothing compared to Tornado Alley.  I work as a human resources manager for a large international retailer, so this annual trip is quite a departure from my everyday.  While chasing I have seen numerous supercells, amazing lightning shows and met many great friends from all over the world along the way.  I look forward to another exciting week full of adventure and great memories chasing in the Plains… keep your eyes to the skies!

Anthony Ho - Guide/Driver for TBA

Anthony Ho
As a young boy, Anthony would huddle under the bed covers at night, watching the lightning flashes through the edges of the shade and listening to the rumble of thunder as it shook his house. Today, after a 25+ year career with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security as a special agent, Anthony has traded in his handcuffs to pursue his dream of chasing thunderstorms across America and seeing a tornado drop from the sky. This will be his fourth year of storm chasing with Todd; his first year was filled with beautiful lightning bolts, manure-filled windstorms, bruising hail, and days filled with adventure. His hobbies include photography, learning to play the piano, and scanning the sky for storm clouds. He looks forward to sharing adventures and stories with you as we go storm chasing.

Ryan Hoke - Guide/Driver/Severe Weather Forecaster for TBA

Ryan Hoke
This is my 12th year with Todd. When I was a small child growing up in Louisville, Kentucky I was fearful of thunderstorms. This fear turned into an intense fascination with weather during my elementary school years and signaled an exciting career ahead in broadcast meteorology. I started my own weather forecast website for the Louisville area when I was in high school and that's when Storm Chasing Adventure Tours owner Todd Thorn found me. Since then I've been chasing with Todd and have seen more than a dozen tornadoes. Thanks to Todd I also got a head start in my severe weather education and went on to earn my meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. During my college years I was a weather forecaster at a TV station in Tennessee and now I'm living my dream as a meteorologist at WAVE 3 News in Louisville, Kentucky. I put my skills to work for you through my daily weather briefings and by helping you understand the weather that's happening as we chase. We're going to have a blast this 2019 season!

Robert Koch - Guide/Driver for TBA

Rob Koch
Hello, my name is Robert Koch and I make my living selling merchandise on the auction website eBay. This will be my 13th year chasing with Todd and I look forward to another exhilarating chase season. I have always been intrigued with severe weather since I was a wee lad and the last 12 seasons have been most stimulating as I met many great storm chasing enthusiasts and weather professionals. Chasing with Todd across the great American Plains is always rewarding whether we see tornadoes, severe storms, or spectacular lightning displays. Best Regards, Robert.

Sean Sales - Guide/Driver for TBA

Sean SalesHi Everyone, I’m Sean from Birmingham, England and this will be my fith season chasing with Todd. I’ve been interested in severe weather for as long as I can remember. Having seen a tornado, golfball-sized hail, and the most incredible electrical storms out on the Plains it's safe to say I’ve got the chasing bug. My day job is working in human resources and for a bank but in my spare time I’m an armchair scientist and fascinated by all things physics. I can’t wait to get out to Tornado Alley again and witness the awesome power of nature. 2019 is going to be brilliant.

Nancy Young - Guide/Driver for TBA

Nancy YoungWhen the weather turns nasty and everybody is heading for cover, I'm headed outside to watch the clouds roll in. Chasing tornadoes is the next logical step. I'm Nancy Young and I make my home in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I am a wife and mother to three grown sons. Severe weather has fascinated me all my life, from blizzards, to hurricanes, to earthquakes to tornadoes. Chasing with an experienced guide like Todd Thorn allows me view a tornado in the safest way possible.