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Welcome to Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, the world's premiere storm chasing tour company in Tornado Alley. We're not about the hype or drama. We're down To earth. Our team is friendly. Our vehicles are safe and reliable. We're here for our guests, sharing our knowledge and making sure you receive a unique, quality storm chasing experience. We have worked with The Weather Channel and Discovery Channel, offering storm chasing tours to their sweepstakes winners in the past. We hope you will choose us for your storm chasing adventure. Over the past two decades we've had 1500+ happy tour guests chase with us, more than any other storm chasing company on the internet.

For the 2023 season we're bringing back our mid-range hotel package deals! We'll stay in nice, mid-range hotels during our tours. We understand how important clean and safe hotels are to you! We'll stay at Quality Inn and other similar brand mid-range hotels. Although we do not have an unlimited budget, we will always do our best to ensure a reasonable caliber of lodging in remote parts of Tornado Alley. We provide the most personal tours available and feature comfortable vans or SUVs as our chase vehicles.

Your tour price includes mid-range hotel lodging, wi-fi, your own window seat, and weather briefings by our expert storm chasers. After you reserve your storm chasing tour, all you have to do is book your flight to the base city. There's even a free hotel shuttle (or paid taxi, if you prefer) that will take you from and to the airport before and after your tour! It's that easy.

If you're looking for adventure, you'll love this thrilling storm chasing vacation holiday in America. During the chase you'll travel across a number of states throughout the Great Plains of the United States. Our vehicles are equipped with mobile broadband data connections, up-to-date radar software, and state-of-the-art communications equipment. We're able to see crucial high-resolution radar data because of our investment in this cutting-edge technology.

Chase with us. Please read all information on this site before booking by clicking the top menu bars on each page.

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